Outdoor screening of “Nosferatu” attracts 15.000 people to the Ibirapuera Park

The “All Souls’ Day” holiday had a gloomy mood for 15 thousand paulistanos, who gave up travelling, to check out the outdoor screening of the film “Nosferatu”, at the Ibirapuera Park (São Paulo’s equivalent to New York’s Central Park).

Original article from BOL website

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(Original article, written by Natália Guaratto for the website UOL,  updated in: 03/Nov/2012 – 15h14)

A restored copy of FW Murnau‘s classic silent movie, from 1922, was projected on the wall of the Ibirapuera Auditorium last Friday (2) as part of the closing of the 36th edition of São Paulo’s International Film Festival.

The movie soundtrack for this outdoor screening was performed live by Petrobras Symphonic Orchestra and Choir Project X, for the second time ever, a play written by German conductor Pierre Oser in honor of the centenary of the Irish writer Bram Stoker, author of “Dracula” work in which “Nosferatu” is inspired

Andree Guittcis as Nosferatus

Andree Guittcis as Nosferatus

Who also was very excited by the end of the exhibition was the jewelry designer Andree Guittcis, 51. Accompanied by a noisy party of eight friends, he used the event to make a farewell picnic, as is moving to New York.
Actor, he said he is “very intimate” to “Nosferatu” a role he played in a short film called “Nosferatu, The Ruin of Darkness.” “My friends asked me to come characterized and I almost did it, but the makeup takes four hours to be completed,” he said.

You can watch an interview with Andree Guittcis in the “Outras Coisas” show by clicking here (in portuguese).

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