About Andree Guittcis

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My background in Fine Arts led me from my hometown Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, city of the Jews who arrived in New Amsterdam settling there first jewish community, to New York, the Big Apple. Having Ukrainian blood in my veins and being the cousin of the writer Clarice Lispector I took the challenge of having fame showing my talent in different medias of art and creativity.

In the 80s after returning from studies in Israel I decided to devote my self to jewellry design by exploring the knowledge dedicated to gemology. At the same time, attending to invitations, started by modeling career knowing that at some point could be an actor and devote my free time to the performing arts. Jean Paul Gaultier selected my face to the launching of his first design in Brazil in the early ’80s and soon I was invited to model a campaign for the launching of  “Monte Carlo Light” cigarettes directed by Jaime Piña Gautier, a producer from the  Dominican Republic where I lived for 5 years and could model for a catalog for the Club Med and several appearances on fashions shows on the Caribbean island where I presented at least 4  jewellry exhibits.
The last show at Quinta Dominica in the Dominican Republic where I have been chosen as subject for the “6º Simposio Internacional de Historia y Crítica de Artes: Núcleo Académico de la Critica” of de University UASD Santo Domingo 2011.

But I had in me the need to obtain worldwide exposure as a designer, what led me to prioritize research and studies to achieve recognition in the area of jewellry ​​design with precious stones and metals.
My colection showing at See Me NYC 2013Andree Guittcis (click here for the Wikipedia article)
So far I received 5 international merit awards and also the Vermeil medal for Arts Science at Lettres in Paris, an acknowledgment for my contribution to the art world by creating jewels.

Jewellry has an incredible history and I’m part of it, and I also managed to put Brazil in this brillant history.

In 2003 I was introduced by Katia Meseleri, filmmaker responsible for the world-renowned documentary “O Rochedo e a Estrela” (that tells the above mentioned historical saga my fellow countrymen that settled the first jewish community in New York) to the talented artist and film maker Flavio Bekeredjian, responsible for the project “Nosferatu Ruin of Darkness“, who saw in me the character to embody the first Jewish Dracula in the history of cinema.

The satyrical short movie was selected for the Resfest festival in 2004, and the course of a few selected years in a total of 8 festivals.

This led me to create the “Nosferatu: An Age Image” project in which, through creativity, I want to promote not only the short movie, but also the jewel that the beast uses in the film, a tribute to my maternal grandmother Carlota Moreira Reis, who had a huge sense of humor and an interesting insight into the world of arts. She gave me the ring chosen for the character, a Gothic medieval jewel and a rare gem: a cat’s eye in silver and macasita.

I’ll take this project wherever I am so I can interact with the public opinion on this topic that fascinates most of a generation in which I include myself.

When I was still pondering about accepting the jewish Nosferatu role, I requested the permission to a brazilian Rabbi and the words of Rabbi Sobel were:

“You are Jewish, right? Then there’s no problem! Our people love to make jokes of ourselves. It’s part of life and the character doesn’t commit any act that is inappropriate for our religion. Have fun with your art!”

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