Nosferatu invades Times Square

Nosferatus was spotted today wandering around New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood.
We spotted him walking by a library after he was first spotted scaring this present at Worldwide Plaza earlier.

20130426-055224 PM.jpg
He is believed to be heading to Times Square.
Check CrowdCamera and you might be able to see him!

Nosferatu is screened with live soundtrack in London

Richmond Harding is a musician, writer, illustrator and dreamer. He interviews musicians and industry personnel, and reviews music and gigs.

He has been following Minima, a band that define themselves as “an audacious 21st-Century interpretation of the images of silent and avant-garde film”.

Billed originally in its day as “a symphony of horror”,  Nosferatu is taken directly from Bram Stoker’s Dracula: the original vampire story.


Nosferatu, 1922

After having watched them performing the soundtrack for The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari  at the Reading University (UK), Harding attended their performance for Nosferatu, at the Prince Charles Theatre, in London.

More primeval it is too perhaps, vampires and sex seem intertwined in the Victorian mind. All heaving bosoms and delicate lily white necks.

Harding praises Minima’s ability to create the sound atmosphere that’s required to enhance the experience of 21st century movie-goers when watching an old silent masterpiece.

Minima playing for Nosferatu

Minima playing for Nosferatu (photograph by Dean Feltimo)

The inspiration is drawn directly from the screenplay and enlivens the atmosphere, charging it with positive ions, bringing these old masterpieces firmly onto a contempory stage.

via Review of Minima, Nosferatu, Prince Charles Theatre, Leicester Square, London.