Andree Guittcis talks about NY and his new intervention

On the 50th edition of the magazine “Revista Estação Aeroporto” the brazilian artist Andree Guittcis tells us a little bit about his favourite places in the Big Apple and gives an early bird information on his plans of a live art intervention in the streets of New York:

#NosferatuNY - Estação Aeroporto Magazine

#NosferatuNY – click in the image to see the full text (in portuguese)


During this time as a resident in the city I’ll follow on some of my old projects, including a live art installation in the streets of New York, as Nosferatu (The Ruins of the Darkness), that I performed in a short movie in 2004 that could be seen in Movie Festivals in Brazil and around the World, besides keep on working as jewelry designer with an exhibit to be held at the Aaron Faber Gallery (at 53rd St.), date still to be confirmed.

You can read the full article at the magazine ISSUU website.

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